Daffodils Nursery is set to provide best childcare in Smethwick area. The team at Daffodils are

qualified and experienced. They are committed to provide loving and caring experience for children.


DAFFODILS NURSERY provides nursery care and education for children in a homely

setting where they can learn skills and flourish in full-time education. Children are

encouraged by qualified staff to learn through play to reach their full potential.

The nursery offers a variety of resources to cater to individual interests, skills and ages. All

activities and resources at the nursery are planned in line with the Early Years Foundation

Stage curriculum, which supports children in literacy, mathematics, and emotional and

physical development. Diversity and respect is strongly encouraged and promoted by the

team at the nursery.

DAFFODILS NURSERY is Ofsted graded ‘Good’ nursery.

We Help & Guide You To Achieve Success

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